How to Buy (and Not Overpay) For Real Estate Investment Software

The ability to buy and not overpay for real estate investment software can be daunting. Being able to spot good real estate investment software before we purchase it would be a very welcome benefit, indeed. We would save money, hours of frustration, and, oh did I say, we might save enough money to make several car payments?

Unfortunately, procuring real estate investment software to meet our particular goal or desire is not a talent. With such a variety of software solutions available, each sporting various features, tools, reports, and calculations, it takes some probing.

So if you’re a real estate agent or investor currently shopping online for real estate investment analysis software then this one’s for you. Here are some practical suggestions that might help insure that you get what you want (and expect) the first time without overpaying for it.

1. Determine whether the software is user-friendly. Software is not user-friendly if you have to spend long hours wondering how to use it, or so lack luster that it makes your eyes hurt.

The fault with most real estate investment White label crowdfunding software hong kong  is that they can be too complex that they are over-the-top for day-to-day use, or so poorly formatted and non-creative that they appear, shall I say, abysmal. Therefore, look for a software solution that has a pleasing interface with easy-to-use forms, distinct toolbar, and ample instructions.

The software’s web site is your first clue. Is it well organized, creative, informative, unobtrusive, and easy to navigate? Or is it lack-luster and confusing? Remember, the same company claiming that they are easy to use, professional, and the solution for you, publishes the website.

2. Read what the software purports to do. Obviously, you’re looking for investment software to analyze the cash flow, rates of return, and profitability of income property. Okay, but are you an investor looking only to compare investment opportunities, or an agent planning to make rental property listing, marketing, and in-depth property analysis presentations to colleagues and customers? There is a difference.

As a real estate investor, whereas you surely would want real estate investment software to compute the elements of tax shelter, you might not care whether it creates a deeper property analysis or marketing presentation. Look for a program that at the minimum computes after-tax cash flow and rates of return and consider anything more a bonus.

Real estate agents on the other hand might accept pre-tax cash flows and rates of return (with no computations for tax shelter), but surely would want the rental software to create marketing presentations. If so, then be sure that the program creates a marketing package and/or executive summary in addition to an analysis.

In other words, buy what you need and want you buy. If you’re not sure, call the company and ask for clarification. If a number is unavailable, and you can’t speak with someone personally, opt out and continue your search. You don’t want to spend money on real estate investment software you are uncertain may help you.

3. Preview the reports. Reports virtually make up your real estate analysis and presentations, therefore you must determine whether they are beneficial, meaningful, and provide the essential cash flow and rates of return you require. Do they appear professional and easy to read? Remember, you’re looking for a decision to be made on the property (whether from a colleague, customer, lender, or investment partner) based upon these reports.


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