Why Do Therapeutic Gemstone Necklaces and Spheres Work?

1. Gemstones are familiar.
Although you may never have held or experienced the gemstone white beryl, for example, your body instantly recognizes the elements that compose this gem: beryllium, aluminum, silicon, and especially, oxygen. These four elements are among over 100 elements listed on the periodic table that comprise everything in the universe, including our bodies.

Our DNA has been built from these elements and remembers them from our creation over eons. The DNA recognizes the elements that make up gemstones and perceives their energies as familiar and simple to access. Most Tuerkis gemstones have no more than six elements in them. Quartz has only two: oxygen and silicon.

Because there are so few elements that comprise gemstones, it’s easy for your body’s intelligence to recognize these elements individually and receive them as resources not only for your physical body, but also at the higher vibrations that comprise your subtle bodies (emotions, memory, and mind).

In comparison, the food you eat contains many different elements. Your body has to work to extract them by first breaking down the food, and then sorting the molecules before they can be absorbed.

Gemstones easily and effortlessly radiate these elemental frequencies into your energy field. This way, they are immediately accessible.

2. Gemstones are non-threatening.
In its rounded form, a healing gemstone is not threatening. In contrast, a raw crystal moves energy like a laser: energies go in one end and come out the other in a focused way. People feel the energies of raw crystals and clearly notice changes in the body’s energy field when they apply them.

But the body guards itself against the energies flowing through a raw crystal. It relaxes in the presence of gemstone spheres.

Your body can moderate the energies radiating from gemstone spheres; it can also decide how much of these energies it wants and direct them to wherever they are needed. If you are wearing a therapeutic gemstone necklace, your higher intelligence can direct the gems’ healing energies to your physical body, your emotions, or your mental body. The results are not less remarkable or powerful; on the contrary, they are more deeply received and accepted.

3. Gemstones and healthy tissue have a similar nature.
Science is only now beginning to recognize the crystalline nature of living tissue. Scientists have studied dead tissue in their microscopes for decades, but only recently has technology allowed biologists to see what live tissues look like under very high magnification. They’re seeing liquid crystals. Living tissue has the nature and coherence of a crystal.

This similarity allows a natural harmonic resonance between gemstones and the body. It’s as though they speak the same language. I observe this time and again when applying healing gems to the aura. It seems as though the body communicates its needs to the gemstones, which respond by moving to those areas of need. At other times, it’s the gems themselves that seem to identify the areas of need and alert the body to them.

4. Gemstones energies are dependable and enduring.
The body trusts gemstone energies because they are predictable and reliable. A gemstone will have the same effects every time you apply it. These effects do not diminish over time provided the gemstone is kept clean.

This consistency sets gemstone therapy apart from consumable medicinals. When you take an herb, its energies lessen as your body consumes it. Gemstone energies are constant. Their energies are not consumed, they don’t diminish, no matter how long you wear them.

In summary, therapeutic gemstones have a healing effect because they are made of elements the body recognizes; they radiate their energies in a non-threatening, easily-receivable way; their crystalline nature is similar to that of the body; and because their energies are predictable, reliable, dependable, and enduring.

All of these factors promote trust. The more that you work with gemstones, the more your body learns to trust them, and the more deeply and profoundly they can benefit you.


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