What to Keep in Mind While Sending a Rakhi to India

“Like branches on a tree we grow in different directions;
Yet our roots remain as one. ”

Tying a Rakhi delivery in London on the wrist of a brother does not only mean that you are showing your love for him on that particular day. Rakhi doesn’t end with a one day celebration. It is not just a simple day of bonding between a sister and a brother. Rakshabandhan is something more than that.

Rakshabandhan is a day to commemorate the sacred attachment between a brother and a sister that has existed since the beginning of the world, an attachment that has been held with reverence in all ages and an attachment that is common to all the people living on this earth, irrespective of their caste, creed or status. Rakshabandhan celebrates and respects this eternal feeling of camaraderie between a sister and her brother.

While sending a rakhi to your brother in India, you need to keep in mind this holy aspect of the festival. The rakhi will just not be a simple gift to him – it will also carry your emotions, your feelings, your love and also your blessings and prayers for his success in life. It will be an echo of your very heart – a symbol that will remind him about you all through the whole year even though the seven seas might be separating you. The rakhi will be your representative to him, telling him not to be afraid when no one is besides him or when his nights get darker…no…not even when everything else starts crumbling down around him, because then, you will be there to guide him out of all his troubles.

The rakhi that you send to India should be this and more. A beautiful piece of gift speaks more than just words. Similarly, a beautiful rakhi will speak volumes about the unconditional love that you possess for your brother, a love that will ever stand the test of time and never alter “when it alteration finds” (in the words of Shakespeare). Let the rakhi you gift to your brother be your mouthpiece. Let it vividly communicate how much you miss him every moment of your life – how much you miss his company, his presence, his talks, his pranks and more than that a person to share with your feelings and secrets, a person on whom you also can depend when everything around looks murky.

As Jenny DeVries puts it in her words-

“What’s the good of news if you haven’t a sister to share it?”

Similarly, what’s good of news if you haven’t a brother to share it?
Lucky are the sisters who have brothers to share news with.
Lucky are the sisters who have brothers to love.
Lucky are the sisters who have brothers to send rakhi to.


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