Top Five Tasks Required by a Busy Executive

It is common knowledge that business executives lead extremely busy lives due to their significant and time-consuming responsibilities. The work required of them far exceeds the norm and their administrative needs are often far more complex than the average individual’s. It is not uncommon for stress to take hold of an executive and for time to simply pass them by. However, executives have a solution to their surplus of stress and lack of time: personal concierge and lifestyle management services.

The following are the top five ways in which concierge and lifestyle management services are able to simplify the lives of their busy clients and provide them with invaluable peace of mind.

1. On and Off-Site Administrative Services

The behind the scenes work that goes into providing excellent administrative service is what personal concierges do best. They genuinely enjoy checking tasks of off their “To Do” lists, as it means that they have in some way (no matter how small) made their clients’ lives easier. Personal concierges are available on and off-site, depending on the needs of their clients. Common tasks include:

• E-mail management
• Making copies
• Filling out paperwork
• Making and taking phone calls
• Tracking packages
• Data entry
• Post collection
• Sourcing suppliers and placing orders

2. Research

Whether you need facts and figures for a big presentation virtual roundtables or you just want to brush up on current business trends, lifestyle managers and personal concierges are able to conduct research for you. Personal concierges can look into the latest developments in pertinent areas such as social media, mobile technology, digital applications and any other category you can think of. They are also able to find professionals who are able to conduct research for executives. If you want a comprehensive market analysis or you need to create a marketing plan, lifestyle managers have the connections neecssary to track down a highly skilled and qualified company to complete these tasks for you.

3. Planning for Business Trips

The ability to oversee and plan trips is also a skill that every good personal concierge possesses. With their worldwide network of suppliers and connections, they are able to book your plane tickets, schedule a car to take you to and from the airport, secure you a room at a five-star hotel, as well as schedule and organize your meetings.

4. Event Planning

Part of being an executive involves keeping up appearances and hosting events for both business and pleasure. Lifestyle managers are known for organizing parties that inspire equal parts envy and admiration in the guests who are lucky enough to be in attendance. Personal concierges’ detail-oriented personalities and connections make them the perfect person to plan anything from a business dinner to a fundraiser.

5. Errands and Household Tasks

Personal concierge and lifestyle management companies know that your life isn’t all suits and ties and mergers and acquisitions. That’s why they are also willing and able to run errands, find someone to clean and organize your home, walk your dog, schedule a haircut, do grocery shopping and buy your significant other a birthday present. If they can’t complete the task themselves, they will find someone who can. They understand the needs, challenges and wants of the modern day executive and they are there to lend a hand whenever and wherever they can.


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