Time to Replace Your Boiler

Spring is finally here which for some of us means we can finally turn off our central heating. Our financial situation will improve as our energy bills drop dramatically. If you found this winter you were struggling more than normal to pay your heating bills it might be time to think about replacing your boiler. If your boiler is more than 8 years old it is probably not very efficient as all which means some of the energy you buy is getting wasted. Modern condensing boilers are very efficient and are rated accordingly and most are to top A rated boilers.

Now and over the coming months is a great time to have a new boiler installed because you won’t be relying on it to heat your home, plus you should be better off financially. If you still struggling with Christmas bills or debts there are some options as some of the better Cv ketel vervangen installation companies offer very good finance deals. This means anyone can update their boiler and start to receive the benefits a new energy efficient boiler brings.

So what type of boiler should you be looking at having? The size of your home is one of the most important factors in choosing the right boiler. If you have a small home with space limitations then a condensing combination boiler would be best suited. You don’t need to have a water cylinder to store water like convention systems; all you need is a small cupboard to put the boiler in. You can get floor standing boilers or wall hanging boilers and the boilers these days are about the size of a medium sized suitcase. Combi boilers heat your home as well as your radiators and do it instantly. There is no need to wait for water to be heated because when you turn the tap on it is heating instantly, and then when you turn the tap of the heating of the water stops. This means you only heat the water as you use it which makes perfect sense really.

Condensing boilers are a clever invention because the reuse any waste energy. Normally any waste gets lost through the flu which is like a chimney. But with condensing boilers there is a second heat exchanger which takes this wasted energy and turns it back into workable energy, in other words turning it back into heat. This means very little energy is lost which is why they are all A rated top efficient boilers. If you live in a larger home you can still have one of these efficient boilers but you may need to store water in a cylinder so that you can use more than one bathroom at a time.

Whatever your circumstances are there is a boiler out there suited for your needs. Modern boilers will save you money – Fact. So have a look around, talk to your neighbours and find a good boiler installation company. If you get one installed over the coming months you be ready for the next cold spell and also any more inevitable energy price rises.


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