Thinking Which Career Path to Follow? – What About Digital Marketing?

When you are right at the crossroads of your life wondering which path to take to build your career and your life, you really need to consider all the available options before you make a decision. Choosing a career path is not as simple as ordering your meal on Swiggy or booking a movie ticket online. You need to consider a lot of factors such as your personal interests and passion, the scope, industry growth and the renumeration. When a particular career path ticks right in all the above criteria, then you have a great chance of landing your dream chance.

One career path that you can consider is account based marketing. In this current business scenario, all businesses are going online. They set up websites, pages in social media platforms, build mobile applications and lots more to reach out to the huge audience that is available in the virtual world. In fact, digital marketing has not only changed the entire concept of sales and marketing, but also levelled the field for all kinds of businesses, big and small.

Are you on the social media platforms almost all your waking hours? Make the most of your passion for the social media by learning the trends and techniques behind social media marketing. There are institutes offering social media marketing courses that you can take up to learn the nuances of planning and executing social media campaigns.

Are you fascinated by the search engines, their algorithms and try to make sense of the insights derived from them? You can think of becoming a search engine optimisation analyst. An SEO analyst digs deep into the websites and implements the best techniques to enhance the website’s ranking and reach. When you enrol in SEO courses, either online or blended programs, you will learn all about the secrets of search engine optimization.

Digital marketing is more than search engine optimisation and social media marketing. It also involves other modes of promotion such as email marketing, mobile marketing, affiliate marketing and lots more. You can specialise in all of these digital marketing channels as you chart your growth in your chosen career path.

The best thing about this career path is that you don’t need any basic qualification. Anyone can learn the basics of online marketing in these digital marketing courses and kickstart their career. Plus, as your work, you can also do online digital marketing courses or specialisation courses and improve your career prospects.

The salary is also pretty good, especially if you get employed in one of the top companies or leading digital marketing agencies. The scope of work is also very high. From start-ups and NGOs to governmental agencies and top companies, all organisations use digital marketing. So, there will be no dearth for jobs if you are planning to pursue a career in digital marketing.


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