The Hat You Wear Says It All!

Hats are historically a huge part of men’s fashion. For centuries, no well dressed man would ever leave the house without one. In the modern world, they are still an important way to show your style. From casual days to formal evenings, you can tell a lot about a man from his choice of fitted hat. There are stylish hats for every season and occasion. Hats can easily be fit into your wardrobe, and express your style.

A stylish everyday hat is the men’s caps; a small, cloth hat with a short brim in the front and a slight peak at the rear. The classic 1920’s newsboy cap is iconic for a reason. Made of cloth or tweed, this hat can be worn everyday and in all weather. The cap looks equally at home with jeans and a polo or khakis and a button down, for casual days or evenings. The classic men’s cap also fits if you’re going for an edgy or artsy style. Easy to wear, easy to pack for travel, perfect for casual style.

The fedora hat evokes the style of early silver screen legends. It’s an excellent brand for winter or spring. A fedora hat with a trench coat is a timeless look for rainy spring days. A fedora can be used to add polish to any dressy outfit. The fedora can be made of a variety of materials, wool blend for winter, lighter fabrics for summer. The brim keeps precipitation off of your face when the weather is tempestuous. Hats in the fedora style, summer weight, are excellent for sunny summer days as well. Look for fedoras that are crushable and retain their shape well for travel.

Belfry style brand are the quintessential dressy hat. They can range in style from something with a rounder brim than a fedora to a classic top hat. The modern style is smaller and sleeker than the classic top hat, but still dressy. A belfry style hat can also work well as an ironic fashion statement, worn with a deliberately anachronistic flair to celebrate your personal style.

A hat makes any outfit look more stylish and complete. Hats can be worn for any occasion, formal or casual, and for every season. Expand your wardrobe with a variety of hats and caps. Branch out from your weekend ball cap, and show the worlds your style with hats.


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