School Fundraising the Right Ideas and Motivation

School fundraising is something schools rely on the children and their parents to take part and get involved in to be successful. Without that support they have no way for paying for new resources that may be needed for the school that is not in the school budget.

Throughout the years most schools have actively pursued PTA fundraiser ideas activities and they continually look for adventurous and fun ideas as a means of raising money. However if the children and their families are not motivated in the correct way, how can you expect them to sell products successfully as a means of fundraising?

Fundraising in a school environment is something that should be considered a simple process. It not only is an effective way to raise money but it also teaches the children about the importance of charity and teaches them skills or allows them to enhance skills that they will find useful in adult life.

If this is something that you have been doing for a while and you are unhappy with the results, there are things you can do to improve your fundraising profits and these actions revolve around prizes.

One proven way in which you can improve the motivation of school children when it comes to fundraising is offering better than normal prizes. Some people may feel this takes away from the spirit of charity but I disagree. By offering school children rewards for their participation you are motivating them to become more involved in your school. You are encouraging them to make as much money as they can for the school as all of the children involved will want to make the most of the opportunity as a means of winning the prizes.

The most important factor in this is you need to ensure that the incentives you offer are good ones as you will make a lot more money for the school if the prizes you have to offer are things that are highly sought after.

As well as the right motivation it is also important that the product being sold is a good value. This makes selling easier for the participants but in reality, a motivated school kid could sell $5.00 bills for $10.00 and still do well if they are given the right motivation! Think about it. How many times have you bought something from your friend’s kids that you really didn’t want or need but you bought it anyway? It makes it easier for them to make sales if they have a good product, but in reality, they will pretty much sell whatever you give them to sell.

Exactly how you provide the motivation to maximize your school fundraising efforts is a little more than can be covered in this article. But the main thing that you should know is that there is a very easy and effective way to go about doing it. You can find sites on the web to learn what you need to know to get it done right.


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