Five Steps to Market Your Business With Text Messaging

As families and businesses continue to spread across the globe at an escalating rate, we sometimes find ourselves trying to seek out economical and convenient ways to communicate. Simple text messaging offers a number of advantages. It’s fast, it’s not disruptive, and it’s internationally accepted by most users, something most people are familiar with using. The only real problem with international Automated Text Message for Business messaging for routine communication is the potential cost.

In the US, most traditional cellular providers charge between 15 and 35 cents for international SMS. Most of them charge for both sending and receiving messages. Clearly, these costs can mount quickly. However, there are a few other services that can help hold the costs down.

Some prepaid cellular providers offer a more economical option. As an example, Boost Mobile users who have an unlimited plan are charged only 10 cents to send international text messages and nothing to receive them. There are even better deals to be had though. For instance, MetroPCS users with an unlimited plan pay absolutely nothing extra for the ability to text internationally.

Another option is to use some of the texting services available online. is one example. This service allows you to text message for free but includes ads with all of your messages. There are a number of ways to send SMS messages from your computer as well. Google of course offers this but so do services such as Another example is that says it allows you to make international calls at local rates and provides free international texting as well for members of the service.

Doing an online search for free SMS services should reveal a number of options. Potential users however need to be sure of the terms of service, and even in the absence of charges, find out if their cellular provider will charge additional fees. Most of the services will also define where their service is available as they aren’t available in all countries.



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