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He has a full-time job as an accountant and this other business he does part-time from home. Aubrey Haney, a prominent Nashville session fiddler, buys a fiddle from him when he visits his family in Tampa.

Richard brought me along to play and play the violin. Many players recommend having another violinist (or fiddler) with them when trying out an instrument. Violins often sound quite different just below your ears than when they are a few feet away.

He also had a current instrument to keep a baseline for comparison.

This turned out to be a very good move.

When we got there we went right into the violin room. Royce started handing Richard the violin and gave some explanations about it. I kept Richard moving from violin to violin without getting hung up on one instrument. Then he went back and tried again what he had been playing before.

In the meantime, I played them and commented on their sound and appearance. There was one thing that was really interesting because there was a certain mystical quality to the sound. I wanted to keep playing until I solved the mystery.

At one point, Richard seemed to fall into an indecisive stagnation in the process. At this time, he took out the violin he was playing. The comparison made Royce’s antique cello stand out. He could immediately hear a great tone.

It gave new encouragement to his inclinations. And he was particularly drawn to one violin. It was a really great instrument suitable for professional players.

By this time I had to choose two violins. Going back and forth solved the problem. His choice was much more expensive, but he made his decision. As he improves, he knows he has a fiddle that won’t disappoint him.

When Richard was clearly drawn to his choice, Royce reminded him of a complete satisfaction guarantee. He doesn’t think he can buy a violin without such a guarantee.

Richard left with a violin he really liked. He also knew that he would be given more than one instrument in the exam to compare it to. That trial violin didn’t change his choice.

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