An Idiot’s Guide To Canvas Printing

Online canvas printing is a revolutionary new technique that takes your photos and transforms them into gorgeous, dynamic, beautiful, or thoughtful banksy canvas art to liven up the walls of any home. But if you find the process quite complicated or want to get the lowdown on the ins and outs of the process of online canvas printing, look no further! For you have come to the right place. This simple guide will take you through the major things to consider when putting your photos on canvas.

1. What are the options for putting my photos on canvas?

There are many varied options to choose from when considering canvas art. The most common is the canvas print which takes your photo and prints it deep into canvas that has a substantial feel and look for a high quality result. However, stunning alternatives include a Banksy canvas – whose style emulates that of the urban and innovative street artist Banksy by giving your photo a unique and contemporary touch – and a photo collage of all your amazing photos. You could even cartoonify your snaps with Warhol or Lichtenstein Pop Art for a creative gift idea or an original way to spice up your home décor.

2. What photos are suitable?

Most online canvas printing companies recommend photos of 100 dpi or more, but this depends on the size of canvas you wish to use for your images. If you choose a photo collage, for example, the quality of each individual photo can be lower. In general, photos taken with a digital camera work best – although many great prints are produced from disposable cameras or even camera phones. Good online canvas printing companies will have photo checker tools on their websites where you can verify to see if your photos are suitable – and there is no requirement to purchase at this stage.

3. Can I be assured of the quality?

Good online services will use anti-warp FSC-certified stretcher bars for added durability and robustness that will not scratch or twist. Deep fibre printing means that your prints will have first-rate photographic reproduction for optimum results. The photo is printed very deep into the canvas to really bring out the colours and to create vibrant canvas prints with energy and dynamism. Your wall art will last for years and years and years without constant maintenance – you will be creating family heirlooms to be passed down from one generation to the next.

4. How long does it take to make and deliver the canvas prints?

Once again, this depends on the online canvas printing company you choose. Good providers can make your prints on the same day with next day delivery if ordered before (and this also varies) 2-5pm. Canvas artwork can come in all shapes and sizes (I mean all!) so the production and delivery times can also differ depending on the product ordered. But for the vast majority of canvas prints for unique gift ideas or for an original way to brighten up your home interior, you can get your photos on canvas delivered on the next working day.

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