Advice on Choosing a Residential Treatment Facility For a Troubled Youth

You’ve gotten to the point where you need to place your son or daughter in a residential treatment facility for troubled youth. Maybe he is lashing out and becoming increasingly more violent, or maybe he’s come home drunk every weekend for the past month. Maybe you’ve seen the thin red lines on her wrist one too many times, or maybe she’s gone from a size six to a size zero in a matter of months. Whatever the case, there is a residential treatment facility close to your home that will treat your child’s particular problems. There are, in fact, probably so many of these facilities that choosing the right one will be tricky. Here are some tips to help you in the process:

* Find a facility that’s close to home but not too close. Kids who go to treatment programs that are in their back yards are more likely to try to run away than kids who are an hour’s drive or more away from home. On the other hand, you don’t want to have to drive five hours one way to see your child during visitation weekends.

* Look at the charges very closely. Residential treatment programs for troubled youth are not cheap. The Adderall Detox programs, after all, have to house and feed kids as well as provide an excellent staff to help them with schoolwork and psychological development. On the other hand, you should be sure you can afford to let your child stay in a program for the recommended amount of time, as pulling him or her out of the program too early can be more damaging than never beginning the program in the first place.

* Talk to some of the key staff. At any residential treatment program, your child will probably be watched closely by teachers, nurses, psychologists, and other therapists, and you need to know that all these people really do have your child’s best interests at heart. It is recommended that you talk, especially, with the psychologist your child will be seeing. If your child has been seeing a therapist before going into a treatment facility, try asking the therapist for recommendations, as well.

* Consider the treatment program’s focus. Different programs will approach troubled youths in different ways. Many Christian programs will use a twelve-step type program to work through the spiritual and mental aspects of the problem. Other programs will focus on a combination of finding the right medication and working through issues in group therapy and talk therapy. Still others will focus on the whole person from a natural health perspective, using diet, exercise, and talk therapy to heal the body, mind, and spirit. Be sure that the facility you use has an approach that suits your values and that will also be the best possible fit for your child.



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